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Monday, August 31, 2009

Not me Monday!...oh what a monday...

so hubby did NOT decide to stay home from work so i'd be "more relaxed and able to go into labor". nah, he wouldn't...after all, he's home not making money..he wouldn't, would he?!?

i did not tell said hubby that his being home in the middle or beginning of the week wasn't always relaxing...cause that would be rude!

i did not have to call or text three different people to find out where to go for homeschooling paperwork...and was not told wrong all three times! had to go to the admin for the county, who sent me to a school....she did not have to give me directions...after all, i've lived here now for seven years...i should know all the schools right?

and i certainly did not call home to instruct dad on what i'd set aside for lunch....he could have figured it out right?

and last of all...i have no plans to ask said hubby to massage my feet for me...after all they are not swollen at all!

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