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Monday, August 31, 2009

Not me Monday!...oh what a monday...

so hubby did NOT decide to stay home from work so i'd be "more relaxed and able to go into labor". nah, he wouldn't...after all, he's home not making money..he wouldn't, would he?!?

i did not tell said hubby that his being home in the middle or beginning of the week wasn't always relaxing...cause that would be rude!

i did not have to call or text three different people to find out where to go for homeschooling paperwork...and was not told wrong all three times! had to go to the admin for the county, who sent me to a school....she did not have to give me directions...after all, i've lived here now for seven years...i should know all the schools right?

and i certainly did not call home to instruct dad on what i'd set aside for lunch....he could have figured it out right?

and last of all...i have no plans to ask said hubby to massage my feet for me...after all they are not swollen at all!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

a wonderful evening...

last night a local celtic band played at a local food joint in town...we had a wonderful time! the children insisted on dancing...then eating...then dancing some more. great fun!

the band was great!

AR enjoyed the dancing...but only one song at a time...she got tired! lol.

they were almost as much entertainment as the band...and the band loved it! lol.

course, then C-G had to get daddy in on the act...and pictures just wouldn't do...so here is video of daddy and C-G dancing together....so precious!

and to prove it wasn't a fluke, a second video i have...but i'll save you all from it b/c videos are difficult to download! :D

we had a lovely time...they even played a waltz! we decided, however, that waltzing wouldn't be fun since dad couldn't reach mom to dance. lol.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

their daddy's daughters...

this is what i'm home listening to...the sounds of two different video games. here's the hubby, always so busy.....

and here, are the girls, watching/playing a video game in the living room....they are definitely daddy's girls!

and here, for your viewing pleasure are more pics from this week...

CM making faces at me...crazy thing!

C-G is washing dishes...outside....without permission...but it was CUTE!

and this is joseph, AR's kitty....he's as rotten as he looks...but he's sure pretty!

AJ said it's time to slop the hog, er i mean cat.

Friday, August 28, 2009

pg? who's pg?

not me! lol. well...in my mind it's pretend i'm not pg day. so i got up, got dressed, and went to curves. almost got hit coming out of my driveway b/c of these trees that are small and in my sight line. so when i got home, i found the machete, and whacked them down the best i could...hubby will have to finish them up, b/c despite my increased strength, i couldn't get them all. lol. can you imagine the looks of the people driving by? i can hear it now..."holy cow, did you see that lady? she's so pg she's gonna explode...and she's holding a machete!" "for heaven's sake Jim, drive by her faster would ya?!?"

ha! never let it be said that i don't party hard! now on to laundry. i'll be posting some fun pics later today...so come again soon ya'll!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

be careful what you pray for...

mckmama over at www.mycharmingkids.net had a wonderful post last night...about praying for patience and the ensuing chaos that can become of life. made me wonder when i last prayed for patience...and i remember. it was three and a half years ago, while awaiting the birth of our daughter c-g. she was five and a half weeks late....talk about patience. i haven't prayed for patience since...but God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to grant me another baby giving me a patience need. so i sit and wait, praying to God for my desires, knowing that my desires are only met if they are HIS desires too...in His will. "Good Lord willing" is now my mantra...baby will be here soon "Good Lord willing". Baby will be here soon Good Lord willing.

and until the Good Lord wills it...i'll still be ornery and pregnant, and will still get the strange questions that people think are original...my personal favorite is "you haven't had that baby yet?!?". why? why do you ask? isn't it obvious? so next time...i'm prepared. i'll answer with "yes i did have her, why?" just to see the horrified look on someones face. :) yes, i'm that mean...but only if you ask dumb questions you see! lol.

back to your normal thursday....i'm going to work on laundry! woo hoo!

Monday, August 24, 2009

long weekends...longer weeks

It's prolly not a secret now, but i haven't slept more than an hour at a time now for weeks...and it's catching up to me. well meaning people tell me that it's God's way of preparing me for a new baby....I think that those well meaning folks don't know that you get a couple good hours of sleep between feedings. that is a LOT more sleep than i've been getting lately...and i'm looking forward to it!

hubby got an extra night at home...he's go business to do in town before he goes back today...so i got another night with him. yay! now i'm going spend the last few minutes with him before he leaves...

Monday, August 17, 2009

not me monday...and ants!

i think i can jump right in....we did not come home from church to find a pile of ants instead of a kitchen counter. hubby did not immediately get back in the van and buy three cans of ant spray and spray my whole kitchen down...dishes and all. hubby also didn't spray inside the cup cabinet where the ants were coming from in order to kill them....nor did he leave that mess for me to clean when he left last night....can you see where this is goin?

now, of course, i did NOT leave that incredibly gross mess there all evening, even after hubby left, b/c i was too tired and huge to deal with it...that would be nasty. so naturally there were no little ant corpses waiting on me at six something this morning when i got up...i have not spent the past three hours cleaning dishes that were clean except for ant spray on them....and i have not enjoyed that time b/c i needed it to think about what is coming in my life. i do NOT still have all the pots to wash...and a dishwasher full to put away...as well as all the stuff i've been washing for the past three hours.

yeah...gonna be a GREAT monday! really. :) check back for a new post with pics...none of ant corpses, promise!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

how many hours and minutes?

that is the question i got -*from the pulpit*- this morning. i was kind, i didn't say what i wanted to say. i said "when God brings her on, she'll be here". can i just say....i counted the hours til my wedding. i counted the hours til school started. now i count the hours til daddy gets home. we count the hours until the weekend, til parties, or til birthdays. but one doesn't count the hours until baby arrives....mostly b/c there isn't a set time when you do things God's way. i don't schedule babies...God does that. and God has yet to see fit to tell me the hour of arrival...though i'm listening and waiting for that revelation still.

so how many hours? as many as it takes. how many minutes, as many as it takes....how many punches to the ignorant masses? well...let's just say i behaved this morning....only b/c he's the pastor, and was in the pulpit. ugh!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i think this week....

i could do an all week not me monday! it's been a long week...even though hubby was home monday! the children played at a friends on tuesday, which they thoroughly enjoyed...and yesterday i had a chiro apt, today we're finishing laundry! i need to catch up. the cat got in the toy box, with the stuffed toys, and peed....EWWWWWWWWW. so we're washing all that, as well as the normal two loads a day...so it's catch up time. i also haven't washed my towels in a bit...so i need to catch that up today too. so much laundry, so little time...ugh!

Monday, August 10, 2009

a lovely weekend and more to come

but first....not me monday!

i didn't decide to start our new schedule the ONE monday daddy would be home...that would be crazy! i certainly didn't wake up the children thinking that perhaps if i get them up early, they will go to bed on time. the children didn't stay awake two hours after bedtime last night...they wouldn't. they couldn't, and you regulars know...they are perfect angels!

i'm not thrilled about going workout alone today...for the first time since dads been gone...that would be horrible right?!? i'm not going to run all the errands today with children and daddy in two either...b/c who would do that?!?

ok....enough. lol. it's been a great weekend...and i'm looking forward to today. so i'm sure i'll be back later this evening with updates...until then, au revoir!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

a wonderful weekend!

and more to come..daddy has off tomorrow too! woo hoo!

I have pics from earlier in the week...just hadn't put them on the computer yet...some dear sweet ladies at church threw a lil baby shower for me...and my children were invited. they were so excited! they even got to take pics...and that explains the pics coming up.

we had a lovely time...we are very blessed with the ladies from our church!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

so many blessings, so little time!

I'm sure by now you've heard about my monday...where the hits kept on comin. what you don't know is that in a matter of just a couple of hours, things got better. my sister called...and while she called to update me on her doc apt, she also seems to know when i just need a break, a mental time out...and that's when she calls most! for years, she was *that* younger sister, you know? and now, my life is infinitely blessed with a friend who is there, who cries with me, laughs with me, and pals with me the best she can from her wheelchair. Dear Lord, please bring jobs for mom and dad, so they can move here and be closer...such a blessing that would be...in Christ's name...

anyway, i hung up with my sister b/c hubby was beeping in...hubby that works so far away five days a week, and we see for a mere 48 hours on weekends. it's always a small sigh of relief to hear his voice at night for a quick "good nite baby, i love you". after 11 years, he finally understands how and why that is SO important to me...and he calls at least once during the day to talk with his daughters...and none of them are too great at phone conversing you see...so it's just b/c he misses them.

shortly after our conversation, my phone rang again...it was my mother in law. i'd just been thinking of her, thinking i'd call her today, and she called...it was amazing. she called just to let me know she was thinking of me...and she wanted to be sure we were ok. her hubby worked away for years...so she's been through what i'm goin thru, and just wanted me to know that it does get a lil bit easier. we talked for about an hour! she's such a blessing to me as well.

you know, having a baby is tough work...but knowing you'll only have two weeks with hubby home after baby makes for a nerve wracking thought! God hasn't let me down, and is providing relief in many areas...like both my sister/mom combo, and my mil offering each to take the four big girls for a week after dad goes back to work...so i can still recoup. like two friends from church offering to come and get the girls anytime i need them to, so they'll have friends to play with, and i can have a short daily break. like my curves buddy saying hey, let me come get the girls and give you some time to breathe, just let me know if you need me! God is so good...and i can see His hand working at every turn...providing our needs, my silly wants, and our help. we are blessed, and i hope that each of you that's been mentioned knows how very much we love you, and feel so blessed for you being in our lives.

Monday, August 03, 2009

you can't make this stuff up!

i missed last weeks chance at not me monday...so today i should have stuff to post right?!?

I did NOT have to clean up cat pee on my couch mere hours after hubby left last night, nope, not me...the cat is a dang angel after all...or will be soon!

my darling child did not wake me at 530 this morning to tell me the dog was caught under her bed...the dog did NOT get stuck under there, unable to get out b/c of the invisible fence...and i did NOT wake up thinking it'd be easier to put animals out! nope, none of that happened...could i make this stuff up?!?

my second daughter did NOT cry for no less than half an hour after her father left...nope, not her. she was thrilled...(though i will say that mommy was NOT crying earlier in the evening knowing daddy would be leaving...not me.)

the children did NOT run around as though "go to bed" means wake up and jump for no reason...not my children. they are perfect, REALLY!

i did not wake up no less than three times after hearing my hubby say my name in my dreams...nope, after all, no sleep makes mommy GRUMPY!

yeah...this did NOT happen in less than 24 hours...imgaine that.....NOPE, we're a great, normal family, no matter what you may have heard. ;)