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Monday, August 17, 2009

not me monday...and ants!

i think i can jump right in....we did not come home from church to find a pile of ants instead of a kitchen counter. hubby did not immediately get back in the van and buy three cans of ant spray and spray my whole kitchen down...dishes and all. hubby also didn't spray inside the cup cabinet where the ants were coming from in order to kill them....nor did he leave that mess for me to clean when he left last night....can you see where this is goin?

now, of course, i did NOT leave that incredibly gross mess there all evening, even after hubby left, b/c i was too tired and huge to deal with it...that would be nasty. so naturally there were no little ant corpses waiting on me at six something this morning when i got up...i have not spent the past three hours cleaning dishes that were clean except for ant spray on them....and i have not enjoyed that time b/c i needed it to think about what is coming in my life. i do NOT still have all the pots to wash...and a dishwasher full to put away...as well as all the stuff i've been washing for the past three hours.

yeah...gonna be a GREAT monday! really. :) check back for a new post with pics...none of ant corpses, promise!

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Mrs. B said...

LOL...we have an ant problem too.