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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do not disturb....

This post brought to you by Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yeah.  In a house with five daughters, I don't get much do not disturb time.  With owning our own business and homeschooling, romantic time together is seemingly nonexistent.  But every once in a while, I dream of being able to take a weekend...and do something crazy like hole up in a hotel room and not move!  Totally not MM's thing...but I'd love it!  So I day dream a bit about things like    Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing     In February, they have a whole romantic package put together for celebratory purposes!  Check it out....

During your stay, you'll enjoy:

Early check in or late check out upon request

In room sparkling wine or cider when you arrive.

access to hotel health club, pool, and whirlpool spa (where available)

Full Breakfast for two in room or at the hotel restaurant.

If you stay for more than one night, you get a buy one entree, get one at no additional cost!


This sounds like a wonderful vacation to me...  Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel   The Valentine's dinner sounds amazing...right down to the desert!

I have no doubt that MM and I would enjoy time spent in the quiet, alone...but we'd run out of things to talk about quickly!  Ahhhh, romance.  who doesn't love it?

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Update of sorts...

Hey ya'll.  I've been reading blogs faithfully, just havent' posted in a while...been busy I suppose.  So a lil update...this week i was laid up for two days, thanks to RA and FMS!  Hate me some fibro ya'll!  However, yesterday I felt much better...so I washed like, four loads of dishes by hand...who knew i'd enjoy dishes?!?  Then, I tackled my hall closet!  It was a disaster...i found an unopened pack of tp buried in there!  what a disaster!!!  So, in my bloggy mind, I figured you all would want to feel better by seeing my shame...so here is the proof.

note the stuff....well, stuffed in the back corner...a disaster!  This dresser houses stuff...like sheets for all the twin beds in my house, and the children's pillow cases...as well as screws and nails and hooks and things...and the bottom drawer has gift bags in it.

Now the after:
note that corner now!  I can find toilet paper once again...SUCCESS!  the red bag has gift bags in it that are too big for the drawer!...the hanging basket has the accessories for my hand held steam cleaner and my cleaning rags.

the sheets on top of the dresser are top sheets.  most of my girls don't use them, but the two bigger girls are getting to the point of using them...and there is just no room!  so my next step is to get a box for under the bed to put gift bags in, and the top sheets will go in the bottom drawer.  the blue thing is a beach style bag with a small cooler in the bottom...love that thing!

so yeah, i was busy yesterday.  it took nearly all day to do this...but i have to take lots of breaks b/c of the fms and ra...so it's done and i'm happy...stay tuned for more...today i'll prolly work on the cabinet with the tupperware in it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

pop art pixies from CRAYOLA! and a giveaway!

So i was contacted by crayola to try test and review their "Pop Art Pixies" line of arts/crafts.  My two big girls were to excited by this endeavor ya'll...you should have been here!  Pop Art Pixies is geared to the "tween" age.  Now personally, I don't care for the terms "tween", "tweenager", or "teenager" for that matter.  However, in reality, they are in between the teen years and the little girl years...so there you have it.  (yes, i'll rant on those three words in a later post, promise!)

So, I reiceved 7 pop art pixie boxes from Crayola....for two children.  The excitement building...lol.  I started looking over these boxes, and it is so cool ya'll!  I even took pictures...you are welcome!

 AJ working on her plate that she made for Grandmama.  finished pic later in post...
 Painting varnish onto the pics...
 AR puts together a plate for MeMaw...
 WHAT?!?  We gave them scissors?!?
 Big scissors at that!
 Look Ma!  I can too paint!
working together on a plate for mom...

Wait....we get to paint?!?
and sticker?
The lamp was so cute!!!
AR is proud of her bento style stationary box...it's so cute!
A birdhouse windchime for mommy!

AJ gets a water bottle all her own...and she painted a monkey on it!
I know!  Cute right?

Mommy's plate!

So, I was provided with all this for my children's enjoyment through BlogSpark.  Hasbro actually provided the crafts.  Now, they will give one of my readers' children a chance at this fun as well.  To enter:

Follow my blog (1 entry)
Tweet or FB about with a link to this post (1 entry per post, leave separate comments)
Follow Crayola on FB or twitter (1 entry)

Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry!  I'll choose a winner in one week, and Hasbro/Crayola/Pop Art Pixies will send you your prize!  good luck ya'll!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year, New Resolve?

So, 'fess up, do you make resolutions?  Cause I don't. I think it's a waste of time, and I always forget what I've said I would do!  So, this year, I have no resolutions...but I have resolve.  I think that we should always strive to be better...more Christ like.  So, instead of resolutions, I offer this list...of things I'd love to do this year.

1.  Better wife.
     In this life, I wish only to strive to be the wife God has called me to be.  In the upcoming year, I will review the scriptures and remind myself of my purpose...to be helpmeet to my wonderful MM.
2.  Better mother.
     I also wish to be a mother who teaches her children to be more Christ like both by word and deed.  This year will include a review of mothering practices to be sure to line up with scriptures.
3.  Housework/homework.
     This year, my main goal besides the two above will be to treat my life as a job.  When I worked outside my home, I got up daily to get ready, and went to work.  Now, my job is my life, and I've not always treated it as such.  So this year, my goal will be to get up daily and work.  not just play, but work hard at my job.

More than anything, this year I want to have FUN!  Life isn't worth living if it isn't fun!

What are your goals for the year?