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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Here lately i've been on a slight jog down memory lane.  I was asked to post a pic of a childhood memory.  about 90% of my good childhood memories take place at my grandmothers house.  this blog post is totally about that...and will include pics. :)

This is me...about age 2.  Cutie right?!?

my grandmother was a special kind of lady.  she was a cook...like no body's business.  She made the best shrimp stew....so good, that one time, around 5th or 6th grade, i wanted to make it like she did for a cooking competition...so i asked her for the recipe.  it was then i learned she'd never cooked it with a recipe.  so my mom took me over there and she "measured" and dumped it on a cookie sheet, and mom and i measured it that way...b/c i needed a recipe for the competition!  now i cook like she did.  i look like she did too...i have one more child than she did...and my youngest girl is named after her.  i loved that woman.  still do...

She kept her house so cold...so cold.  she had window units in every window, and they went full blast.  she spent the bulk of her day in the kitchen cooking...guess that's why she was always hot!

she had a porch swing...she'd sit on it waiting on us to arrive...she'd hug us on the front porch and usher us in...to the smells of our favorite foods.  she'd ALWAYS make shrimp stew for me and mom, beans and rice for dad, and she'd have peanut butter, bananas, and chasassi ham for my sister...with bunny bread of course.  back then, you couldn't get bunny bread in mississippi...so she would buy several loaves for us to take home and freeze...a taste of home. 

so many memories...she had this ottoman...loved it.  big tv where we'd watch the cubs play...never mattered if they won, they were her team and winners to her...even when they disappointed her. LOL...she wasn't a football fan...guess that's where we differ...

we'd make pallets on the floor to sleep when we'd come over...memories are flooding back...i'm fighting tears ya'll!  now my girls make pallets at their grammas house...their gramma is a LOT like mine...i hope to be that gramma when i have the chance.  my mom's mom was a special lady....just like my mom.

My grandmother with my Uncle Carl, her younger son.  Uncle Carl was number 3 of 4.  My mom was the baby.