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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

my life...and the duggars number 19!

today i saw where michelle duggar announced that baby number 19 is on the way...which, despite what some say, i find very exciting! the duggars amaze me honestly...such organization. wow...

which brings me to my post for today...as you may or may not know, i'm currently awaiting our fifth living baby whom should arrive soon. i get asked on a regular basis if this is the last baby or if we're gonna "keep on tryin for that boy". i also get this one as a regular question "what are ya, trying to be like that duggar family or somethin?"

now, regardless of the fact that i find these sort of intrusions on my private time with my hubby a bit rude....i truly don't normally mind sharing. however, i'd like to point out a few things...first, God has given the Duggars a huge gift...and responsibility. whether you believe the hype that the world is overpopulated or now, there is no debating the responsibility that comes with having children. they've made it work in a way that is nearly unheard of in this day and age....without debt!

second, i'd like to point out something that most people don't stop to think about...children are given one or two at a time normally. you see, God didn't give me five children at once...i grew into five children. so while it might be true that you couldn't handle five...neither could i when i had one or two. but as God increases our family size, He also increases our ability to deal with what HE brings our way...including job loss, or big jobs far away, or another little baby blessing.

third, i'd like to say that while i appreciate the thought that i must be supermom or some sort of crazy-patient saint, i am not. the truth is that i occasionally lose it...and my children and hubby sometimes make me a little crazy. another truth...my house isn't always spotless, and if i were you, i wouldn't think of eating off of anything but a plate! i'm not supermom, and we're not a perfect family...in fact, we need help occasionally....and despite the fact that it may seem as though i've "got it all together", i break down and cry b/c of my lack of "all together" about once a week..or more!

lastly, i'd like to point out that not everyone was meant to have a large family. but i believe, and have for sometime, that God is the one that can give me what i need....how many children i need, what home we need, and the money we need to raise the family He has given us. so please, when you see me walking thru the grocery store with five very small children, just smile. the comments people make aren't original...and yes i have probably heard them all. my hands are full...i'm tired....i'm brave, or crazy. i know what people think...but here's what i say...My hands might be full..but my heart is full too, and that makes it ALL worth it!


Nikki D. said...

Gen, that was so well-put. I totally agree.

Ambra H. said...

Isn't G-d so amazing? He grows us up into Him challenging us with our children!

Briana said...

Very good. I don't get as annoyed by those questions anymore. I just laugh and move on. We have eight and just like you said you don't have them all at once so it is not a shock to me. I don't even feel like my family is so big.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. B said...

Love it! I hate when people ask me "do you know how "that" happens?" Ummm, duh! I am about to have my third in three years and everyone thinks I'm crazy to even want more.
Or the comment...are they twins? No. Or wow, they are really close, and your expecting again!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Beautifully written! I feel the same way!