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Thursday, April 26, 2012

life, love, and other mysteries

So, I know i've been MIA....and I'm sorry.  i have a reason tho...my CM hasn't been herself, she's been feeling sick with "tummy hurts" for now over a year.  Within the last six months, she's been diagnosed with GERD and food allergies.  LOTS of food allergies!  So many, in fact, that it seems easier to list what she's not allergic to!  The allergy list includes milk, tree nuts, peanuts, tea, yeast, apples, coffee, cocoa, and sunflower.  i'm sure i forgot something...we're printing up business cards for her to keep on her...oy!

so in all this, i'm reminded of the blessings of God.  I've been blessed iwth a wonderful family...and friends that i so do NOT deserve.  those who've been there for me in the ups and downs of life.  there is a huge list...Ambra, who walked a road no one wants to walk with their friends...the loss of a child.  Becky, who's walked the road of so many children with me.  Bri and Moose, who awarded me my arms many years ago, and trusted me to continue in service.  Jon and Trixie, who granted me arms a few years ago...and that same Trixie who is currently walking the road of food allergy hell with me...and keeping me sane.  My family, my friends, i love you all so very much.