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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

so many blessings, so little time!

I'm sure by now you've heard about my monday...where the hits kept on comin. what you don't know is that in a matter of just a couple of hours, things got better. my sister called...and while she called to update me on her doc apt, she also seems to know when i just need a break, a mental time out...and that's when she calls most! for years, she was *that* younger sister, you know? and now, my life is infinitely blessed with a friend who is there, who cries with me, laughs with me, and pals with me the best she can from her wheelchair. Dear Lord, please bring jobs for mom and dad, so they can move here and be closer...such a blessing that would be...in Christ's name...

anyway, i hung up with my sister b/c hubby was beeping in...hubby that works so far away five days a week, and we see for a mere 48 hours on weekends. it's always a small sigh of relief to hear his voice at night for a quick "good nite baby, i love you". after 11 years, he finally understands how and why that is SO important to me...and he calls at least once during the day to talk with his daughters...and none of them are too great at phone conversing you see...so it's just b/c he misses them.

shortly after our conversation, my phone rang again...it was my mother in law. i'd just been thinking of her, thinking i'd call her today, and she called...it was amazing. she called just to let me know she was thinking of me...and she wanted to be sure we were ok. her hubby worked away for years...so she's been through what i'm goin thru, and just wanted me to know that it does get a lil bit easier. we talked for about an hour! she's such a blessing to me as well.

you know, having a baby is tough work...but knowing you'll only have two weeks with hubby home after baby makes for a nerve wracking thought! God hasn't let me down, and is providing relief in many areas...like both my sister/mom combo, and my mil offering each to take the four big girls for a week after dad goes back to work...so i can still recoup. like two friends from church offering to come and get the girls anytime i need them to, so they'll have friends to play with, and i can have a short daily break. like my curves buddy saying hey, let me come get the girls and give you some time to breathe, just let me know if you need me! God is so good...and i can see His hand working at every turn...providing our needs, my silly wants, and our help. we are blessed, and i hope that each of you that's been mentioned knows how very much we love you, and feel so blessed for you being in our lives.


Tee said...

Well, you managed to make me cry. Thank you so much... I love you and Tim and my precious angels- all six of them- more than you'll ever know. I'm here, sister, for whatever you need. I love you so much.

Mrs. B said...

I so know how you feel. We are expecting our third and this will be the first time my husband will be here for a birth (he's military). All the other times he saw his babies when they were about 5 months...when the hard part is over and everyone is sleeping well. He is set to deploy 6 wks after my due date though.
At least you have family! Be oh so grateful! Our nearest relative live 28 hrs away. You can do all things through Christ!
I am praying for you all.