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Monday, August 03, 2009

you can't make this stuff up!

i missed last weeks chance at not me monday...so today i should have stuff to post right?!?

I did NOT have to clean up cat pee on my couch mere hours after hubby left last night, nope, not me...the cat is a dang angel after all...or will be soon!

my darling child did not wake me at 530 this morning to tell me the dog was caught under her bed...the dog did NOT get stuck under there, unable to get out b/c of the invisible fence...and i did NOT wake up thinking it'd be easier to put animals out! nope, none of that happened...could i make this stuff up?!?

my second daughter did NOT cry for no less than half an hour after her father left...nope, not her. she was thrilled...(though i will say that mommy was NOT crying earlier in the evening knowing daddy would be leaving...not me.)

the children did NOT run around as though "go to bed" means wake up and jump for no reason...not my children. they are perfect, REALLY!

i did not wake up no less than three times after hearing my hubby say my name in my dreams...nope, after all, no sleep makes mommy GRUMPY!

yeah...this did NOT happen in less than 24 hours...imgaine that.....NOPE, we're a great, normal family, no matter what you may have heard. ;)

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