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Thursday, August 27, 2009

be careful what you pray for...

mckmama over at www.mycharmingkids.net had a wonderful post last night...about praying for patience and the ensuing chaos that can become of life. made me wonder when i last prayed for patience...and i remember. it was three and a half years ago, while awaiting the birth of our daughter c-g. she was five and a half weeks late....talk about patience. i haven't prayed for patience since...but God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to grant me another baby giving me a patience need. so i sit and wait, praying to God for my desires, knowing that my desires are only met if they are HIS desires too...in His will. "Good Lord willing" is now my mantra...baby will be here soon "Good Lord willing". Baby will be here soon Good Lord willing.

and until the Good Lord wills it...i'll still be ornery and pregnant, and will still get the strange questions that people think are original...my personal favorite is "you haven't had that baby yet?!?". why? why do you ask? isn't it obvious? so next time...i'm prepared. i'll answer with "yes i did have her, why?" just to see the horrified look on someones face. :) yes, i'm that mean...but only if you ask dumb questions you see! lol.

back to your normal thursday....i'm going to work on laundry! woo hoo!

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