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Friday, August 28, 2009

pg? who's pg?

not me! lol. well...in my mind it's pretend i'm not pg day. so i got up, got dressed, and went to curves. almost got hit coming out of my driveway b/c of these trees that are small and in my sight line. so when i got home, i found the machete, and whacked them down the best i could...hubby will have to finish them up, b/c despite my increased strength, i couldn't get them all. lol. can you imagine the looks of the people driving by? i can hear it now..."holy cow, did you see that lady? she's so pg she's gonna explode...and she's holding a machete!" "for heaven's sake Jim, drive by her faster would ya?!?"

ha! never let it be said that i don't party hard! now on to laundry. i'll be posting some fun pics later today...so come again soon ya'll!

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