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Monday, August 10, 2009

a lovely weekend and more to come

but first....not me monday!

i didn't decide to start our new schedule the ONE monday daddy would be home...that would be crazy! i certainly didn't wake up the children thinking that perhaps if i get them up early, they will go to bed on time. the children didn't stay awake two hours after bedtime last night...they wouldn't. they couldn't, and you regulars know...they are perfect angels!

i'm not thrilled about going workout alone today...for the first time since dads been gone...that would be horrible right?!? i'm not going to run all the errands today with children and daddy in two either...b/c who would do that?!?

ok....enough. lol. it's been a great weekend...and i'm looking forward to today. so i'm sure i'll be back later this evening with updates...until then, au revoir!

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