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Saturday, July 30, 2011

long time no write...

it's been a long couple of months. I've been sick for the bulk of them too! I had e coli, then a week of being well, then a summer cold. b/c of the RA, my immune system is shot...so it took it's toll on me. however, i'm back to my relatively normal self...so now i'm here...with funnies overheard.

miss v is coming into her own. she stayed home with me tuesday...when i asked her what she wanted to watch on tv, she answered with "fee fub." i said "what?". "fee fub". oh..."you want phineas and ferb?" "huh huh". so, after an hour of fee fub, i told her to pick something else. "pidaman" "you wanna watch spiderman?" "huh huh". an hour of spider man, give or take, was all i could take...so "pick something else!" "etsbin". "x-men?" "huh huh" so x men it was...guess she's her daddy's girl!

ar was getting v ready one day...she picked out a pink shirt. miss v said "oh my gosh. THAT is PINK!" hehehe. she might be mine after all.

yeah...comin into her own. look out world...first potty training, then world domination.