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Sunday, August 16, 2009

how many hours and minutes?

that is the question i got -*from the pulpit*- this morning. i was kind, i didn't say what i wanted to say. i said "when God brings her on, she'll be here". can i just say....i counted the hours til my wedding. i counted the hours til school started. now i count the hours til daddy gets home. we count the hours until the weekend, til parties, or til birthdays. but one doesn't count the hours until baby arrives....mostly b/c there isn't a set time when you do things God's way. i don't schedule babies...God does that. and God has yet to see fit to tell me the hour of arrival...though i'm listening and waiting for that revelation still.

so how many hours? as many as it takes. how many minutes, as many as it takes....how many punches to the ignorant masses? well...let's just say i behaved this morning....only b/c he's the pastor, and was in the pulpit. ugh!


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart Gen ((hugs)) Nice, godly response... must have been hard to keep your flesh in check. It would have been for me. :p


Gen said...

oh solace...i did grit my teeth at one point, but i was nice! lol.