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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy busy busy...

some days, i'm too busy for my own good...and sometimes, those days turn into weeks! Last week I hurt my knee...so I've been on "robo-knee and be good" duty all week. yet still, in trying to be careful, i mopped the floor, supervised "home ec" day...more on that later, as well as all the other stuff i do all week.

yeah, home ec day. my girls (at least the older ones) know their way around the kitchen alright for their ages...so on friday, aj made bread alone, ar made a cake and frosting alone, and cm and cg were supposed to help me make cookies. we didn't get to the cookies...but this coming week we'll be making cookies again, so it's all good!

add to that yesterday was the gulf wars work day at the Axemoor encampment. yeah...we laid the shower floor (even miss v helped!...well, directed.) we put more pave stones in (and by we, i mean me, mm, rob, and alicia) yeah, we had a system...MM actually working the concrete in the forms, rob was mixing the concrete in the wheel barrow, and alica and i were shoveling the concrete from the wheelbarrow to the forms. now, i work out a good bit, and i've developed quite a bit of strength in my arms in the past year or so...and, i've never been one to get sore muscles, no matter what. however, when i woke this morning, my arms hurt! lol. lactic acid, yay!

so we got a lot done on site yesterday. i'm actually excited about war, despite the sheer level of work i'll be doing this war...i'm really happy! very excited. and my wonderful family is once again going to watch the children so we can go for the week alone! we are going with a "divide and conquer" motif this year...so my sister is taking three, and my in laws are taking two. lol.

yeah, no pics for this post, it's all jumbled up anyway...you'll have to wait for pics. :)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

girls weekend

so this past weekend was a lovely girls weekend for me. went to mt friend Alis' house, and we worked the weekend away. we drew, painted, sewed, and even worked in a lil shopping. what?

we got coronation prep done, and i even got time alone for relaxation purposes. OH! and now, i totally have bathtub envy...she hs a whirpool tub that is to die for. i would post a pic, but then you would all have tub envy! (never mind that i can't figure out how to poszt from my phone, it is *not* the real reason!)

this is my first time trying to post from my phone...man, technology is the bomb diggity huh? (thanks rendy!)