Welcome! I'm so glad you came by
today...enjoy...and the girls say hey! ;)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

today was a hot one...

and the girls all needed a cool off break...wanna see?

in front of the big fan, eating popsicles...oh to be young again! they did have to come in after only an hour...it's just so hot!

been to the surgeon....

those words are incredibly disturbing...and scary! for the record, he's a dental surgeon...and he'll be removing my wisdom teeth....ALL of them. nice guy, aside from the whole "he's a dentist" thing. unlike my high school friend CP, i don't care for the dentist...and would much rather eat a hat! anyway...so the guy says it'll be expensive surgery, but hey, i'll feel much better and very little pain after he's done. nice right? course, then he charged me $57 to answer my questions and tell me how little pain i'd be in...thanks so much. :)

tonight, back to the chiropractor....still trying to get baby to turn....she's a stubborn lil thing....but it is all good. or will be when she turns!

Monday, June 29, 2009

pics of the zoo...

Our girls...all good layers, and quiet mostly.
our rooster..who isn't as loud as i thought he'd be...

all for fun of course...

Rosco, our biggest doggie

Roxie, who belongs to CM

Joseph, who belongs to AR

and Prissy, the family bully, i mean doggie.

aren't they cute laying and playing together?

see, a lovely zoo...add to that the girls, and you've got never a dull moment. :D

a day in the life of girls...

and pets! here in the zoo we have three dogs, two cats, and four daughters....and a daughter who'll make an appearance soon. that doesn't include the chickens....

so we're busy, and we love to have fun. take for example, what the girls are enjoying right now...

what is it about make up that is so much fun? they love this...and tonight they'll wash it all off and look like my lil girls again!

so i was saying...we have pets. lots of them. not sure that i have a pic of the outside kitty...but i'd love to show you some of the other pets....but blogger now won't let me add pics. weird right? perhaps later. :)

it's been a long day b/c i haven't felt well today...but it'll get better!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

lazy day fun

today we're having a slightly lazy day...so after lunch we popped in a new video....here's a couch full of video watchers:

Joseph loves his new toys!

Prissy isn't fond of the flash from mom's camera...but she obliged!

then ran to hide under the board you see in the pic. lol.

the big girls had a birthday party yesterday...they had a great time. lots of food, games, and friends.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

totally forgot about this blog!

but i'm back now. :) I'm expecting another girl...and in the final stretch....preparations are being made for our pink bundles arrival!