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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Noah...Noah, pick up the courtesy phone please...

"All this rain...remind me not to take a honeymoon at Niagara falls!" (name that movie!)

tired of the rain.  praising God for it...but squishy ground makes for an unhappy dog or two at my house!  these pics are from our street...

Crazy amounts of water have fallen just since this morning....fun stuff.  makes me hurt horribly!
on the plus side, everyone but brie got haircuts this morning, wanna see?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New year, new tax time

It's the first of the year...which brings us to tax time!  if you are like me, the thought of filing income taxes makes your brain HURT!

never fear, Turbo Tax is here.  Turbo tax makes filing your taxes easier...and have you looked at their website lately?!?  They have an faq section that will blow your mind.  in fact, they list irs forms to help you out even more!

Check out Turbo Tax.  let me know what you think.

Life...by the horns

Every once in a while i'm reminded that my body is older than my number would suggest.  on days like today, when pain racks my body, and chronic fatigue takes me down, i'm reminded of the love of my Savior.  In spite of the pain, i have such a wonderful life.  a wonderful husband that takes amazing care of me, wonderful children, such blessings in my life.

today aj got to go to work with mm...they are having fun i'm sure.  i have the others here, and we're having a lazy day...pain is intense, but we'll just keep going.

How's your day?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Link up for Fitness Fridays!!!

Welcome to Fitness Fridays!
This week has been rough!  I've been sick most of the week...complete with being in bed for three days with a fever.  after a quick (expensive!!!) trip to the doc, i'm on the road to recovery.  All that said, yesterday was my first day to exercise this week...so I went to curves and then ran the dog all around the yard.

I'm prepped to go to Curves again today...so not my three days that i shoot for, but what can ya do?
see, this is my morning...blog, sleeping doggie, and work out shoes!

So link up and tell me what you've been doing!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fitness friday link up!

So, how'd ya'll do this week?  with the cold wet weather, i spent most of the week wishing RA and Fibro would take a big leap off a small bridge!  but, determined as ever, i made it thru three workouts at curves!  so tell me about your fitness week...how'd ya do?

link up and give yourselves a shout out!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


here in south MS, the weather is interesting.  the high today is 51...and we woke up with it snowing.  no seriously.  i couldn't make this up!

now there is no evidence of snow save for these pics...life in the south!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fitness Friday

Welcome to fitness fridays, my very first linky project!  This week was a great week for me.  coming off of being sick...and having TONS of appointments, i was afraid i wouldn't get in three workouts.  This link up is late so i could get in number three this morning!

AFter three workouts plus the new diet, my pants are looser and i'm down two pounds by the Curves scale!  To say i'm excited is a bit of an understatement!

So how did ya'll do this week?  Link up here:

Friday, January 04, 2013

a new linky! Fitness Fridays!

Those precious gifts in the pic above...they are why i've changed my diet.  They are why I work out.  They are why i strive to keep my health...b/c they need me. I am their mother, their momma, their mommy.  I am needed here...and so I must continue.

Since I started trying desperately, in October, I've lost a pant size.  I've stopped looking at the scale, and with MM, have started cutting back carbs.  Even with the holidays, i'm still a pant size lower than when i started.

so this linky...this is support.  for mothers everywhere...who are needed.  blog about what you want for your fitness goals, and link up here!  every friday, i'll have up a linky for us to share in each others goals.  I'd love to know your goals...and i'm going to post mine so you can keep me accountable!

My short term goal is to lose another pant size by april.  I'm not putting a pound limit to it...just a pant size!

so link up, what are your goals?