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Thursday, December 17, 2009


at this time of year, we hear all out keeping the Christ in Christmas, or how Jesus is the "reason for the season". so...why not all year?

anyway, in the spirit, today, after hanging lights in my doorway and windows, I did a mom thing that i didn't think about until now. i was surrounded, of course, by excited little girls who love twinkling lights...and the phone was ringing and i was trying to get to the stove...so i side stepped one little girl whilst grabbing another on the head as so not to run over her...all while answering the phone, and dictating what was next to another child, and reminding yet aNOTHER child to finish her schoolwork. in that moment, it occured to me....what blessings. so often it's easy to see the tired mom moments, or the why me moments, or the "dear Lord i didn't sign up for single parenting" moments in my life. yet, those moments that are sweet and fleeting, where God gently reminds me...seems so obvious, so poignant, and so few and far between....some days. today, God lets me know my blessings abound, so much more than I could have ever imagined...and even more than i deserve.

I certainly don't deserve these beautiful daughters, or a thoughtful hubby willing to work so far away from the family he longs to be with....or this wonderful house or a new van which is coming soon! Praise God from whom all blessings flow...in this season and then next!

May God bless the end of your year....and the coming year as well! Happy holidays ya'll!