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Thursday, July 08, 2010

school is OFFICIALLY over!!!

so after many months of setbacks, baby being born, daddy being gone, and the learning curve that comes with a new curriculum, we're done!  woo hoo!  So, my girl got a B across the board, and we couldn't be any more proud!  I've seen her grow so much over the past year, that it amazes me!  Now, to order fourth grade, and set up the computers so that both my big girls can work at the same time...so next year's school should be interesting.

I'm thinking of starting a weekly homeschool update here...what do ya'll think of that?


Southern Lady Gifts, LLC said...

Love the Background Music Gen lol sure id be happy to read what you're doing in school...

Briana said...

I would like to read a weekly update. I think it is encouraging to read about how other mom's run their homeschool.