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Friday, July 09, 2010

Raising Olives giveaway and more!

Hey ya'll, first off, check out my friend kimberly over at Raising olives!  She's doing a really cool giveaway!

Next...this week I've made oatmeal a couple of times for the children...and they loved it!  They love instant oatmeal, all the flavors and what not, but I ran out.  oh yeah, bad mommy and all, I ran out.  So sue me. ha!

anyway, their favorite is the apples and cinnamon, the cinnamon roll, and the banana bread.  so the first time this week, i made home made apples and cinnamon!  today i made banana flavored.  next week when i make this, I promise to take pics and write a big ole post on it ya'll!

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