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Thursday, July 22, 2010

One of those days....pics included! All about GRITS!

It's been one of those days...ya'll know....where I'd swear (but I don't swear) I did more before 10 am than most people do all day!  Got up early b/c MM had to be in town by nine...so I made his breakfast, then a nice hearty banana oatmeal for the children.  Baby got up early, and had her bottle.  Then I put her in the high chair and fed her some oatmeal...which she ate about half of.  Then, we started packing the older girls while she played contentedly in the high chair...until we heard "unh, uhn" and she started squishing up her nose.  So I head over to get her clean and up...and smelled her before I entered the dining room!  So...I knew I'd have to change a gross poopy diaper...but I'm a total pro at those.  Then...this is what I found...
See the corner there?
OH YEAH baby...that is POO! On her HIGH CHAIR! Now, I've been a mom for a decade...and seen lots...i mean LOTS of poo...but finger painting her high chair with it was nearly too much! Each of my children finger painted with their poo at some point...but this was a first for me! So...Miss V got a big time bath...as did the high chair...tray and all. I mean, soap and water, then vinegar. then more water for good measure!

EW! yeah...one for the record books...gotta love that girl!

Now, just so you don't assume I let her play with poo only, some pictures from dinner tonight...my G.R.I.T.S. girl!
What ma?  Not the camera again!
Want a bite?  I would share!
MMMM, cornbread!

So there it is...My day...GRITS and all!  AJ made dinner...it was delish.  Course I had to help...I did grill the sausage while she cooked the peas and mashed taters...the cornbread was leftover.

Peace out ya'll!


Tee said...

Go Va-Vee!!!! That's my girl! Don't you dare do that next week while you're here with Tee Tee, got it?

Janet said...

remember, grandma-ma likes to change poopie diapers, nothing else poopie!