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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The life and times of the crazy family...

That would be us of course!  We have been uber busy lately...so I've not been around much. :(  Sorry bout that ya'll!

Here's what's up.  My dad came to visit for a week, back about two weeks ago.  He came with the purpose of looking for a house, so that he, my mom, and my sister could come and live near us.  So, in about three days, we looked at about 12 houses.  Instead of finding one for them, we found one for us!  Course, many things have to fall in place first, but God is bigger than all the obstacles I can see...anyway.  So dad got a job, now we're waiting to see if mom and dad want to buy our house, or if maybe we should try to sell our house and buy the other...we'll see.

So anyway...that's what's been goin on...busy busy busy.:D

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