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Monday, August 09, 2010

some days you're the windshield...

some days you're the bug!

Today is one of the bug days...Miss V has been sick since Saturday...This morning, she woke up with wet dipe, dirty dipe, and it had leaked.  Her little room REEKED!!!  AR woke up with the cough that CM has had since yesterday.  AJ and CG are doing fine...so far.

yea, today I'm feeling buggy...can I be a lady bug?


Anonymous said...

I love ladybugs :) I feel your pain, just with our dog. He's been having anxiety and last week pooped all over our bed. To keep that from happening when I left the house, I decided to put him in the bathroom...so now when I'm gone he poops in the bathtub. I just call him practice for children hahaha.

Tee said...

Now I love Vee but that is one stinky little girl! Her diapers could drive away the wolves!