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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The four moms...and the dining room/kitchen!

This week the four moms are blogging about their dining rooms and kitchens!  So I'm joining along...and it's not even that messy!  Lucky ya'll!

 This is the view from our living room.  We do school in the living room and the dining room...and a couple of the girls will work in the office too!
 Here you can see the table, which is covered in a big SCA project.  Normally, I'd have a lovely doily my mil made me in the center, and a pretty tea pot on that...I collect tea pots as you'll see soon!
 See my tea pots up there?  This is the shelf my MM made for me.  I have one over the top of a couple of the bedroom windows too.
 Here are some of my sussies, and the children's computer.
 Here is the other wall of the dining room...with the china hutch and more school stuff.
 The HUGE pantry my MM made me...man he's handy!
 Next to my cabinet, the baby swing and the freezer.  At the top of the freezer is our daily schedule of who cooks when, and what the childrens' jobs are after each meal.
 The play pen and CG helping. :)
 This is the view of my kitchen from my dining room.
 Here is my stove, the bottle rack, and the eggs! 
 The other side of my kitchen sink...my coffee pot (tres important!), and my mixer, which has the blue cover on it.  Next to that is my dehydrator.
 This is the wall, you can see the freezer in the background.  On the cart are two drawers, one of which has all the kitchen towels in it.  The other has the utensils that I don't use often...like my cake decorating tools and my pizza cutter...and cookie cutters galore!
This is the view of my back door from the middle of my kitchen.  The big bin is my cloth diaper pail, the little bin is for dirty kitchen towels.  The stool is because I'm quite short. :)

Thanks for taking this little tour with me...I love my home!  Check in with the four moms for more!

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Vicki said...

Lovely tour. I love your walls...I don't think I've ever seen any quite like that. Thanks for sharing your pics.