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Monday, August 02, 2010

another award?!?

I love blogging...just the sheer joy of expression...the freeness.  then, i get a blog award...that is coolness to ya'll!  This time, my new friend Nikki sent me an award called:

The way this award works is you must:

a) Thank the person who gave you this award
b) Tell 7 things about yourself
c) nominate 15 newly discovered blogs to share this award!
Hm...7 things?  don't ya'll know me well enough yet? hahahahaha here goes:
1} I've embraced my inner geek.  oh yeah, total geekoid here.  I even play D&D now...oh, stop looking at the screen like that, at least I can admit it now! (Hi Rob and Neill)
2} Ya'll know about my five living daughters, and the daughter that died before she was born, but did you know that I have a "daughter" that is my dear friend...and that i occasionally want to "Gibbs smack"?  Hi Shelly!!!
3} I'm enjoying the cable on my tv not working.  oh yeah, i've also embraced netflix, baby...BIG TIME!
4} A fleur di lis factory has nothing on my living room!  I have so many, they each mean so much...check it out!  They are on the wall, around the fireplace...everywhere.  These are old pics, the room doesn't have this much stuff out of place anymore ya'll! lol

5}MM taught me to draw house plans on the computer eons ago.  Not sure if I still could, but perhaps I should try?
6} Once upon a time, I was quite the singer.  Now, my favorite times to sing are when my girls dance around to the music on the radio!  Their current favorite is "one week" by the Bare Naked Ladies!
7} I'm a FLYbaby!  If you are one, you know what I mean...if not, check out flylady.net (promise she didn't pay me for that!!!  I really enjoy trying, and she's helping my girls too!)

So there it is!  That was harder than it seemed!  now, 15 newly discovered bloggers:

1. Kelly's Lucky You
2. karens world
3. spicy designs
4.adoption of jane
5.country mouse city mouse
6.God made meds
7.Homesick Cajun
8.I can't decide
9.Kimberly's Korner
10.Life's journey
11.lowercase letters
12.Madness, Mayhem, and boundless grace
13.mother bear naturals
14.My life as a married girl
15.My way home


Katrina said...

thanks =)

Kelly's Lucky You said...

Thank you!!!!

I love fleur de lis too! And FlyLady
....swish and swipe....

Dee said...

Thanks girl! I'll post about it tomorrow!

Spicy Designs said...

thanks for "discovering" us, gen!

Kimberly said...

Thank you Gen!!!