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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The four moms, and the living areas!

It's four moms Thursday again!  I'm taking a break from my marathon baking to show off my living/homeschool area...but b/c of the marathon baking, I didn't clean up to uphold your idea that I'm super mom with a perfect house...b/c i *love* you...really.  it's not lazy...stop laughing mom!

so, without further ado...

 This is the view from our office door.  as you can see, i'm not huge on pickin up before the children leave for the grandparents house!  on the left, you see one of many bookshelves.  it's all children's books...and the baby has decided that she loves pulling books down, hence the mess!  Behind the couch you see dinner trays that we use for school work desks...works really well!  you can see further in where i keep the vacuum!  We vacuum daily...so it just stays there!  Beyond that is our homeschool cabinet which i'll show you later.  In the corner back there are my shelves that MM made for me!
 This is the view from the doorway to the big girl's room/sewing room.  in the forefront, that's mommy's chair.  With the quilt that *MY* mommy made for me...Hi mommy!  You can see my fleur di lis table next to my chair, MM made it for  me...it's amazing!  The couch, which looks like children live here, is in the pic also.  You can see the children's bookshelf in the background too...
 This is the view from the dining room.  you can see in the forefront on the left is mommy's chair and table.  on the right is the edge of the couch.  in the background on the left is daddy's chair!  TV in the middle, loveseat on the right.
 This is also from the dining room, just to the right.  The loveseat in the background, the couch in the foreground.  Between the two is my grandmother's bookshelf, which you'll see up close soon!
 This is the view from daddy's chair.  Daddy sits here to read to the girls, and they sprawl all over everywhere to listen.  Miss V sits with  mommy or daddy normally...or in the walker which isn't shown b/c it's with her at me-maws!
 This is the view from the loveseat.  AR loves to climb behind the loveseat and sit in her "cave" to read!  Here you can see mommy's chair, the shelves and cabinet, and my fireplace...which was a selling point!
 Here is my standard view.  My fleur di lis hanging that MM bought for me...love it!  All the pics that are our rotating art b/c I take so many pics!  you can see here my coffee table that is upside down.  Tonight MM has to fix it...the leg is wobbly and Miss V keeps using it to walk around!
 Here is the close up of my grandmothers bookshelf.  I love this thing!  See the pics on it, and MMs comic book table books...he loves those things!  Love this spot!

 This is my mantle.  lots of pictures, and flowers from our vow renewal.  Candles from our wedding, and from friends!  The plaque there on the left says "Things are bad, send chocolate!"  My mommy gave it to me when Miss V was born!
 These are the shelves that MM made for me.  Shelves for my pictures...and for my stereo that MM bought for me!
This is the homeschool cabinet.  pencils, workbooks, colors, coloring books, my stickers and markers, et al goes in here.  I'll have to remember how i kept it closed when CG was little b/c Miss V is now pulling things out!  On the wall above are baby pictures of each of my babies...love that wall!

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Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Thanks for linking! I LOVE that Fleur de Lis tapestry hanging on the wall.

When my kids were little I kept a cabinet like that closed by sticking a rule through the door handles, and then putting a rubber band around the ends (I added the rubber band once one of the kids learned to just slide the ruler out).

Vicki said...

Lovely room...looks so comfortable. I love the fireplace...we had one in our old house but not this one and I so miss it.

mary beth said...

I love your home. so beautiful. I love the quilt your mom made you. What talent.It all looks so cozy and comfortable. Somewhere you want to call home. Thaks for sharing.

Tracy said...

What a lovely quilt! Thank you for a tour of your home...I love seeing all the books too!!

Arlene said...

I wondered why there was a coffee table with the legs sticking up! LOL!! Somehow your home reminds me of my mom; I think you have the same taste in decorating. Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Thanks for sharing your home. Have a blessed weekend.

Adoption of Jane said...

i just noticed you left a blog award comment on my blog. Thanks so much. I've been incredibly busy with summer and will prob be more active blogging when the kids go back to school. Have an awesome week!