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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Superbowl Sunday fun

so as you may have noted, i am totally brainwashing my daughters...to love, Love, LOVE the Saints.

So yes, we know the "who dat" song, in fact, it's a ring tone! and yes, we watch with complete abandonment as the Fleur di lis team won game after game

and yes, we found it highly ironic that the three games we didn't watch, they didn't win. haha!

and yes, we watched the championship game on pins and needles with the rest of the Who Dat nation...and screamed celebrated when they won!

We've spent what seems like forever rooting for the Saints this season.

Of course, some of us "vote" for the "cantankerous" team. yes...that story is later in this post...stay tuned!

So all our rooting, celebrating, and "voting" as it were, has led us to this point...the Point that true Saints fans believed would happen...one day. We made it...we've moved on up...to the SUPERBOWL! So here, the night before the big game, i sit, all excited about our upcoming party...at my friend K's house. No worries, i promise pictures in part two of this post...but first, the Cantankerous story.

On Nov. 2, our beloved Saints played Monday night football. that night, as i was watchin the game, my dear sweet CM came to me and said "mom, i know you're voting for the fleur di lis team, but who's daddy voting for?" ha...i said "sweetie, first, it's rooting, not voting, and second, daddy is cantankerous, so..." and before i could get out my sentence she pipes in with "good! then i'm for the cantankerous too!"

hahaha...cantankerous people for cantankerous teams. ha!

so, come again soon for part two...pics included from the big day!

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