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Thursday, February 18, 2010


yup, i'ma yellin again ya'll! we had an incredible time at Mardi Gras. and, I know that there are those of you who do not live, here, nor do you have any reason to know what the big deal is...so i took pics for ya. :) without further ado:
This was our little plot of land where we plopped down HOURS before the parade started...
This is a lady that was next to us on the route...note her clothing....she is the "who dat fairy"...i say she's a lucky fairy!
These ladder seats are all along the parade route. they are decorated in various ways...this one is purple green and gold.
while waiting for the parade to roll, we play in the street!

this precious lil girl is dressed as a saints cheerleader...granddaughter to the "who dat fairy".
another ladder seat...love it!
baby girl loves the who dat fairy...and her wand!
Pappy plays with the children...and paid for it later!
the start of the parade! so much fun...didn't get a pic, but Rachael Ray was the Grand Marshal!

these ponies were just too TOO cute!
This is a float with Maids on it...see the gorgeous headdresses?

we were so close to the Clydesdales...they were gorgeous!
The Coke float...so much fun! they actually handed out cold colas!
Marching bands tend to be plentiful in parades...we even saw one from TN!
The Marine Corps marching band....wow.

just a little tour...but i did get video...and when i get that loaded on to my computer, there will be another post, promise!

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