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Monday, February 22, 2010

a great shame to my housekeeping...

hey hey ya'll. ok, so i have a confession...i am not a great housekeeper. so as proof, i give you my kitchen:
Note the dishes piled high...ugh!

notice the dirty trash can cover? ew! the counters are covered in ick...and groceries on the floor...those were bought today for the record!

stuff everywhere!

so after all day, here's what it looks like:
see the clean dishes? lovely!

clean dishes and counters are great!

see the glasses on the counter? those are what the girls use during the day...and the bottle with the yellow label is medicine for me...that colander is for fresh apples...

a nice clean counter. lovely!

now, why did it take all day you ask? here's the thing...i was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. so chronic pain is worse now than before...so it took all day. by the end of the week, i think the house might be clean...if i take it one day at a time!

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