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Thursday, November 12, 2009

an update...

just so you don't think i've fallen off the face of the earth! I have been sick! very sick! last week i ended up in the ER with a crazy high fever, the chills and sweats, and a headache that wouldn't stop. i'd taken tylenol to bring down the fever, but it didn't help...when i could no longer walk, a friend came over with her daughter...the daughter to watch the girls, and the friend to take me to the ER. Diagnosis...massive mastitis with a roaring case of a UTI. he said the two combined made me one sick mommy! massive amounts of antibiotics later, and i'm finally feeling almost normal. still sleep deprived, but normalish.

so now you know why i haven't kept up with blogging over the past two weeks...too sick. we're playing catch up with school work this week...and daddy is coming home early. so today will be very busy...but perhaps i can get back here later to post pics of the new dress up clothes i bought for the girls this week...they are so cute!

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