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Friday, October 30, 2009

a 10 things post

A country mom over at her blog posted an honest 10 things list...thought i'd do the same. might take a while, but i'm gonna try!

1. We did not set out to have a large-ish family. In fact, we didn't want children at all when we got married.

2. When i was a child, I wanted to have a set of identical twin boys.

3. I've had a set of identical twins...girls.

4. I lost my wedding band after the birth of my first daughter.

5. My husband bought me a new band after the birth of my second daughter.

6. I've lost a total of 34.5 pounds in less than two years.

7. I've been saved now for 8 years.

8. I'm new to blogging...and love it!

9. Though I try, I just can't figure out how to edit my HTML on my blog to include buttons to various friends blogs...even though i want to!

10. I'm computer illiterate. Just don't understand the things...though I'm getting better. :)

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