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Monday, November 16, 2009

another update...

hey all. i'm still around...i promise! life with a new baby is always such an adjustment! so, i'm feeling all back to normal...or a new version of normal anyway...mastitis seems to be gone...and the uti is gone, then back thanks to antibiotics. lol. i'll work on it when i'm done with the meds...it's nothing unusual for me...thanks to an allergic reaction to disposable feminine products that must be used after having a baby...well life is interesting!

so anyway...when i get back home, i'll post some more pics of the children...so cute! actually, scratch that...i have the five pics here to show ya!!!

so, i bought the girls some new dress up clothes...so here are some pics to share!

this is AJ, all "cleopatraed" up!

This is AR, my little China doll.

And my supergirl CM!

my cheerleader. makes me wanna say "save the cheerleader save the world!"

and this is Miss V, all dressed up like a baby...she pulls it off well right?

so there they are all cute and stuff. and as a lovely treat, here's a pic of me with miss v so you know i'm real. :)

this is us at the fair...she kept me warm!

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