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Monday, October 26, 2009

I've been saving up

for not me monday all week!

Last week was Not the first week i had all five of my girls...alone....by myself...without backup or a sanity saving daddy. i did not have a potty stop up, and while plunging it, did not splatter poo-water all over myself. nor did i choke and hold my breath while washing off that poo water...NOT me!

i did not make biscuits and sausage for supper one night because i was too lazy to cook...and the biscuits certainly did NOT come out of a can....ha!

while i was weighing my three week old, i did not weigh myself. i did not weigh 30 pounds less than i have in five years..not me. i'm slim and slender don't ya know.

and yesterday, i did not weigh myself before and after going potty just because i was curious. i was not shocked when i weighed two pounds less after going potty either...two pounds?!?

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