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Saturday, October 03, 2009

we have a baby!

sorry it has taken me this long to post...but baby v was born on wednesday, at 155 am. 11 lbs, 22 inches long...and just a cutie! she's quite healthy, and good nurser, and very content to cry all night! here are some pics just for ya'll!


I am blessed! said...

She's just beautiful Gen!!

Martie said...

She is gorgeous and reminds me a lot of how my oldest looked when she was born. Enjoy her!

Karen Johnson said...

Congrats, Gen. She looks beautiful. The thing with those big babies is they look so much older, like they skip the newborn stage and are already a couple months old. Almost ready to start crawling hehehe!!

Briana said...

So cute, cute, cute!

Andrea said...

What a DOLL! she is beautiful!
Hugs... glad yall are doing great!

Prairie Lady said...

She is just precious. Congratulations!
Prairie Lady