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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

meetings and babies...

and no, the baby isn't here yet! lol. however, a friend that tends to go long like i do just had her baby yesterday...can you say "JEALOUS?" he's cute as can be though...and i'm thrilled for her. really i am!

the children started school yesterday...makes for a long day! we have a new curriculum for aj, and as such, she's decided it's just too hard...until she got to science...then it was "hey mom, did you know there are hairs in your nostrils?" I'm all...."uh, yeah?" she's all "and that you breathe in air with your lungs?" i'm all "uh...yeah". so then she's all "i like science mom". lovely. she couldn't love language arts? now i've got to dive back in to science after all this time....and i'm still just THRILLED that she likes anything! lol.

first day of school pics! woot woot!

oh...and this same dear child who just turned 9 woke me yesterday morning at 330 to inform me that she'd lost another tooth. nice right?

so that's the week so far....sounds like so much fun eh? but hey...it's my life and i LOVE it!

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