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Thursday, September 30, 2010

yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We'll start with yesterday. it was a whirlwind of "holy cow am i still alive?", know what i mean? started with taking ar to the doctor for an 8:30 am appointment. we didn't leave the dr. office until 10. oh yeah. 10. that was half an hour south of where we live..and our pharmacy is north of us by about 10 minutes. so we drove to the pharmacy, and half and hour later, finally got the cream for her ears. (doc says her ears have the "opposite of eczema". nothing to worry about). so we get the prescription, then it's time for lunch. ran to micky d's b/c there were 6 of us hungry! oh yeah...evidently mickey d's now has some cross contamination issues...and i was sick before i got home. so when i was better, we got back into the van to go shopping..first the health food store, then the dollar store, then the grocery. however, i got the stuff at the hfs, and was sick again...had to rush home. never did make it to the grocery! TWO hours later, we went to the dollar store. didn't have time for the grocery...had to be at church for awana!

long day.

today...is miss v's first birthday. seems like the years pass in the blink of an eye. the year seemed both slow and quick. her birth so unlike any other...her life unlike any other. her being unlike any other...a true blessing from above.

tomorrow...MM and I head out of town with some friends to head for coronation. I'll check back in then.

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