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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

honesty...no really!

So, we need a new home for our little dog.  Prissy.  The name fits, trust me!  Anyway, she dug into the chicken yard last night and killed at least one of the chickens...so now MM is ticked! I mean TICKED.  Wanted to kill her on the spot, which of course set me off.  (did i mention how honest this post would be?)  So I told him that he'd have to stay home to explain to the four year old why her dog was dead if he killed her.  He settled begrudgingly for the BB gun.  Yeah...long night.  So this morning, he tells me the dog has to be gone by end of week...or he'll be sure she is gone...kwim?

So, anyone want a dog?  She's a good girl, would be a great inside dog...really!  I'm gonna miss her...I'll prolly cry eventually!


Toni said...

Hi Gen,
Thanks so much for joining me at my new home in cyberspace.
Oh goodness! And the little dog's face couldn't look more guilty. I know it isn't funny, but....
Oh, I'm sorry. It made me giggle just a little (because it's not my dog and it's always easier to see "the forest" when you're not the one "in the trees", kwim?) It's that guilty little face that made me giggle. Just a little. I promise. ;)

In all seriousness, I'm so sorry your litttle dog did a bad thing. :( And I'm sorry it's made for a delicate situation for all of you. I'll pray for your family today, as you figure out what to do. I'll leave you with a post link to one of my favorite bloggers, who stood in your difficult doggie shoes recently herself. I hope it helps just a little, to know you are not alone.

Dee said...

Aww what a cutie! Sorry, wish I knew someone who wants a dog!!

I am blessed! said...

Hey Gen, Just wanted to let you know you are the 7th place winner of my anniversary giveaway. That means you really don't get to pick your prize, but I'll let you know when I know what you won.