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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Birthday wishes...to ME!

So yesterday was my birthday!  Oh yeah, I am 29....AGAIN!  So, in true "mom to many" style, I totally partied on my special day.  I clean and rearranged the closet!  Then, folded a BUNCH of clothes, then straightened the kitchen some...worked out with three friends, then went to a pop meeting!  Oh yeah, momma likes to rock it! LOL. 

And it was great...except for the chickens.  First let me say we have chickens...like 70 of them.  oh yeah...stinky, loud, obnoxious chickens.  They totally got out as I was trying to leave to head to curves!  Course, dad, who knows I hate the things, goes to yelling from the back of the house "if they dogs get near them, kill the dogs!" rather that actually heading out to do anything b/c he'd just gotten out of the shower...So I take the bb gun out to keep the dogs away...and the four bigger girls all tried to chase the chickens back into the yard.  So then I had to help.chase.chickens.  yeah, you read that right.  Me.  I.  Gen.  Chasing chickens.  What a MESS!  By the time they were back in the pen I was running late...and I wasn't happy!

So, all in all, a great birthday, great workout...and STUPID chickens!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! :)

Briana said...

Happy late birthday! It sounds like a good one except for the stupid chickens!

I like our chickens but I make the kids do all the dirty work, isn't that nice of me?

I am blessed! said...

Happy birthday!


Janet said...

so, what's for supper?...
chicken soup!!!!!! lol :)

Toni said...

That's what I call a DOUBLE workout. I was laughing sooo hard through this post. Especially what your hubby yelled from the house. Totally sounds like our family on any given day.