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Saturday, June 12, 2010

old and familiar

you know those old, familiar things...your favorite pair of jeans, that comfy old skirt, or those slippers you dream of slipping into....not all old, familiar things are so comforting.

the past two days, i've awaken to the old familiar...pain.  the deep sharp pains in my hands, feet, knees, back, hips...you get the picture.  If I could point to something and say "this is why it hurts" it would be different.  I have RA, which is part of the pain.  but the majority...is fibromyalgia.  i don't look sick.  i don't generally act sick either.  but i am sick.  MM deals with it the best he can...but he doesn't "get it", you know?  and others don't really get it either...i mean, I've heard about how i should lose weight, how I should just "do more" or how I don't *really* have fibro.  yea, i have it.  yea, i have all the points in the "diagnostic" test.  yeah...it's miserable.

that's where I am today.  hurting.  with lots to do.  and still goin.  hey hey.

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Cynthia said...

Gen, I am so sorry to hear that the pain monster has come to visit. He's been at my house too. I've spent more time in bed than up I think. I've always known that the deal about loosing weight was full of hot air but now I'm proof of it. I've lost almost 40 lbs and the pain is still there. I really to admire you for being a great mom while suffering from chronic pain.