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Monday, April 19, 2010

AWOL again?

sorry ya'll...and thanks to those of you STILL following!  I've been sick...really sick.  not just the standard "holy cow i hate fibro" sick.  but bad infection sick.  even went to the doctor for meds sick.  yeah.

so, i've got some pics, and some fun stuff to share...first off, we got our garden in.  by we, i mean AR and MM got the garden in, and i planted some herbs, onions, and peppers in pots...cause as we all know, if i put it in teh ground, i kill it. ha!
Onions in my lil box...first time trying onions!

This is hubby's part.  in the box are onions and lettuce.
Look Carefully! these are tomato plants!
Here are MM's green bell pepper plants!
My herbs!
Here is mommy's lil helper.  Well, at least she is the comic relief!

Who turned out the sun?!?
Yeah...I'm stylin'.  What of it?
Hey ma!  you are almost as cute as me!


mommarue said...

LOL Gen...I totally relate on the gardening. My best friend can grow anything (really well!) ...without cracking open a book or anything...plants just love her and thrive under her care. She brought me some strawberry daughters (because her grow like gangbusters and I had managed to kill all 70+ plants I put in the ground last year). (this year in pots!) She said..."are you sure you can handle these? I feel sort of bad ...like I am sending these plants to the gas chamber or something..." Ah welll... she is honest but she loves me. Ha ha! Good luck with your container gardening this year Gen!

Janet said...

love the hat miss v

Aurelia said...

I hope you are feeling better pretty lady!!!

Victoria said...

Hat is adorable! Hope you're feeling better

I am blessed! said...

Glad you're feeling better! Keep us posted on the gardening. And I love your helper!