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Thursday, July 02, 2009

starting off strong today...

and fading fast! yesterday was long...i picked and canned zipper creme peas...

today i had tomatoes to do....not too many, but too many for everyone to eat before they went bad. can't freeze them...no room in the freezer! i'm preparing for baby now, so the freezer will be filled quite soon!

here's the tomatoes from this week:

and just for big jon, a step by step tutorial of my canning methods for tomatoes. :)

first, core tomatoes and cut off bad spots

then drop said tomatoes into boiling water for a moment:

pull them out, and shock them to stop the cooking....drop them in cold water.

then peel them....skins come off easily!
see here, the skins are all wrinkly looking...

and here, skin just slides right off!

see all the skinless tomatoes? they aren't attractive, but they ARE yummy!

so, then you chop them, dice them, whir them in your food processor, or leave them whole if you'd like. i tend to dice them or whir them up.
these i diced.

then jar them up!

put nice clean lids and rings on them, and process them in your canner as the instructions say. don't forget to clean the rims before putting the lids on....this makes for a gross experience trust me!

mine are processing right now...woo hoo first tomatoes of the season! maybe i can be a farmer's wife...i do love canning!

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