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Monday, July 20, 2009

not me monday...not my children either!

i did NOT leave the tomatoes alone all weekend so i could spend time with hubby, thus leaving stinky piles of rotting tomato...nope not me!

i did NOT take four small children to wal mart with me for the solitary purpose of grocery shopping...that would be crazy!

i did NOT pray for rain this week in north MS so my hubby could come home early...after all, if he don't work, he don't get pay! not me..couldn't be me!

now for my children :)

my children did NOT peel the leaves off of a stem and leave them heaped in a pile on my office floor...certainly not after i told them to pick them up...they are precious angels who only do what they are told after all!

my child did NOT hang out on the floor of wal mart for no good reason...certainly not after i told her to get up!

my children are not fussing at each other as i type this post...they always get along famously!

ok...enough. it's monday after all...and Monday doesn't ever go astray ever!

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Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

I also never take all the children to the store with me and if I did, they would not scoot around the floor of Wal-Mart on their backs.

Great not me post. :)