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Thursday, July 16, 2009

long week is almost over!

it's our first week without daddy...he'll be home tomorrow. I'm not sure who is more excited, children, dad, or mom! we've made it through, proving once again that i'm stronger than i realized! the girls have had a fun week, and now we're preparing for AR's bday...on sunday! she's so excited...and as my tradition goes, she got to pick her birthday cake...funfetti cake with caramel frosting. hm...here's hopin it's good!

we're having friends over on saturday night...hubby is excited, as it's his best bud that he hasn't seen in about three years! so we're gonna have the cake then....mom can't eat as much if i have to share with more people right? :D

no great pics to share today...i mopped and scrubbed...things are getting clean! lol. but you SOOOO don't wanna see pics of that!

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