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Friday, July 17, 2009

pictures as promised....

of our new baby's bedding and high chair!

all this pink would have made me sick three years ago, now i'm thrilled!

this lil pouch is for toys i'm told...right now it has a bassinet sheet and two bathtub books in it...

notice the teddy bear in the bottom corner, and the lamb and duck in the upper corner. the lil duckie is from her big sisters!

see the pretty blankie in the corner? it's got her name on it...and the blanket is made with fabric that is pink with little turtles on it...it's the cutest dang thing! notice the elephant in the bottom corner, and the purple bunny hanging at the foot of the crib....

each of her lil toys came from family and friends...she's got a lil dollie from mommy, but it's in the bassinet in my room...so no pics yet! the turtle blankie is from her Tee-Tee, the elephant from rand, the bunny and lamb from gana, the teddy came in a gift basket from my family. every single bit of it special. when i get the shelves up, lots of them will go on the shelves...but until then, in bed they stay.

isn't this the sweetest lil bedding set? i just love love LOVE IT!

and this is our new high chair...it's wooden! i'm very thrilled, and it's just so cute sitting in my dining room...and it's a great thing, b/c our dining table seats six. lol.


Rand said...

Awwww so cute. And just look at all that pink! hehe

Tee said...

The bedding is even cuter now that it's in the crib! I had to smile when Mom tried to tell you who gave you that basket. Who else would give you a pink and turtle blanket?