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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am SICK to death of the homosexual marriage issue.  so much so that i've basically stopped reading facebook!  you know me...i'm about as conservative as they come...so what i say next might shock ya....the government has no business in anyones union.  hetero, homosexual, either way...the gov't has no business being in there!

also, if what the homosexuals want is the "tax break", there is no need for a law...just a tax code change.  go for it.  how would it affect those of us already taxed?  it wouldn't.  good grief.

if you ARE one of these "marriage is one man, one woman" kinda people, which is fine, for heavens sake learn what you believe...for example, easter has nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ.  in fact, easter is the celebration of the fertility goddess ishtar.  also, christmas, not when Christ was born.

wow, that was a load off.  now you know.  on to more pleasant topics...for example, my fuzzy poochie!  we've let Brie's hair grow b/c of the cold....she's the cutest long haired chihuahua ever!  see?

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Briana Jeffers said...

Me too! I took the day off facebook and came back today to the equal sign. It's time to take another month off of media. Bleck!