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Thursday, February 28, 2013

In the still darkness of the night....

Brilliant thoughts come to me. Like last night with this sky. I looked up to see the darkness, the still silent night.
In the dark, through the clouds...came a hint of moonlight.
And with each passing cloud, I could hear clearly...this is just like MY life!
That dark that overshadows us.  You know the dark.  The mean spiritedness, the anger, the hurt.  The things that ruled my life.
Then, like this moon, Christ broke through the clouds of despair.
and there, in the light, is where is am now.  Saved from the hurt, then anger...and the reminders might be there of who i used to be...but the LIGHT...that's who i belong to now.
The clouds occasionally come back to haunt me...reminding me of who I was.
But the light...CHRIST reminds me that life is new, a fresh beginning, daily.  Praise God I'm saved!

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