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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Large family breakfasts...

My family is average to me...however, I'm surrounded by those who feel we have a large family, so I thought I'd let you know what breakfast looks like for my family of six...with a mom that has arthritis and fms.

My days start early..some mornings I make MM breakfast, some days he makes his own.  Either way, he generally has the same breakfast...scrambled or fried eggs with toast. Scrambled with onion and bell pepper...he loves it that way!  Piece or two of toast with butter and jelly or honey...or something like that.

The children are a whole other ball game!  They love to eat...and breakfast is one of their favorites...along with lunch, dinner, and snack time!  So, there are the standards...oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat, scrambled eggs...toast of course.  Then, there are some favorites.  They love french toasts...the plus there is that it has bread and egg...so it's filling!  add some bacon or sausage, and it is a great breakfast!  We also love breakfast burritos...warm tortillas, egg and sausage, cheese, and taco sauce.  yum!

Then there is the bird in the nest option.  This is a  family favorite!  Use any cookie cutter you like (my favorite is the fleur di lis!) to cut the center of a slice of bread out.  little butter in the pan, bread on the butter, crack an egg in the center of the cut out.  use the piece of bread you cut out as toast...it's glorified fried eggs and toast, but they love it!  add some bacon or sausage, and fruit...and it's great! 

Every once in a great while, I make homemade cinnamon rolls...but not often b/c MM isn't fond of sweets.  When I do make them, we eat them as is, no icing.  they'd be delish with icing...but like i said..MM doesn't care for sweets.

Breakfast casserole is a great option...I've seen several different recipes for that around the web.  Pancakes are a huge favorite among my young crowd...tho mom prefers waffles!

We occasionally eat boxed cereal...about once a week.  I also buy instant grits and oatmeal for the days when I have too much pain to cook...even the littler girls can make that!

MM's favorite is biscuits and gravy.  Either home made cream gravy or a browned tomato gravy...either way he's VERY happy!

We don't eat pork ( i am allergic) so all our meats are beef or pork.  We're big fans of turkey too...turkey sausage is yummy!

So, head over to check out the four moms...they are great!

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Muthering Heights said...

We keep it simple at breakfast...mostly cereal or oatmeal, since our kids are so little! :)