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Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm back...

you know you missed me! We took a weekend away from our girls and took "our big girls" (read izzy, bella, and neisie) wiht us to Coronation in North Louisiana. I love you all, but totally didn't unpack my camera...so head to fb to see pics. :)

I got a title upgrade. it was incredible...and shocking. The park was on fire while we were there...but we didn't evacuate...they said we were safe. Turns out they were right. :) Thanks Lord!

So, great weekend. Girls had a great time with my in laws...I'll pick them up later today (much to paw paw's relief i bet). Me maw will be napping...all day. oh yeah. My girls are sweet, really well behaved girls...but there are five of them, and they are a LARGE handful. oh yeah.

So, updates on ya'll, keep em coming ya'll...i need to know!  I"m totally out of the loop.
Updates on me?  please my life is boring!  My mom, dad, and sister will be moving up here soon!  I have mixed feelings...but I'm excited!  Hopefully we'll see them more often this way...HAHAHA!

No pics...hm. that seems mean...I need to show you a pic...let me find one k?
There.  this, for the month of october, will be my fb profile pic.  I got it from the Saints (imagine that) on FB, and I like it.

Hey, speaking of saints, let me get a "HEY HEY" for the boys!  a victory is a victory, no matter how small...a couple of mess ups meant we were on the edge of our seats for the game!  Next week, game party at my house yo! (see you auntie K!)

so, Love ya'll, my blogger buddies!

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Toni said...

So glad you had a little get-away and glad the fire didn't compromise your safety at all.

I hear you on 5 children being a handful. We have four (who, due to some prenatal "issues", are impulsive and easily distracted). They do mind us well, but with LOTS of work on our part (dh and I joke about being firefighters, always looking for smoke and ready to put out flames before they're fires, lol.) We leave them with my parents about once a year and know it's a Busy (capital "B" intended) time for them.