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Monday, May 03, 2010

May 3

Today is May 3.  It was 13 years ago today that my maternal grandmother passed away.  My baby girl, Miss V, is named after my Grandmother...we called her "mawmaw".  seems hardly possible that it was 13 years ago.

How she'd enjoy these great grand babies...

I can hear her say how much AJ, CG, and V look like me...and my mom....and her.

All the memories I have from so many years ago...
I wonder if somewhere there is a pic of my grandmother and me...like this one of my mom and miss v.

Amazingly...there are so many memories...like the time that I wanted to enter a cooking competition with my grandmothers shrimp stew...and needed a recipe.  and she didn't have one.  My mom drove us to her house to measure while she cooked....so i could have a recipe.  won a blue ribbon with her recipe.  Miss her so much.

She would love these babies.  AJ looks so much like her...and me...and my mom.  AR LOVES to cook...she'd love that!  CM loves to eat...she'd love that too!  CG...looks a lot like her too...and Miss V....oh how she'd love Miss V.  The giggles, the eating, the playing....she'd love it all!

I miss her...so much.  and i see so much of her in my mother...you know....she spoils her grandbabies just like my grandma did.  so looks forward to seeing her grandbabies, and cooking to their preferences.  How blessed are my children to have such time with their grandmother.  I love my mom...greatest grandma ever, next to my gramma that is.

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Janet said...

i miss her, too. you are right, she would love the girls.