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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

dowdy motherhood and weight loss dreams!

hey ya'll.  So, am I alone in my quest to want to be thinner?  Give a shout out ya'll, after birthing many babies, the weight just doesn't fall off anymore!  I'm not sure it ever did...but don't tell!  So yeah, after all the children...i was huge! (this is pre-miss v days)

I've now lost around 30 pounds.  But there were many years when I tried thing after thing and nothing worked.  Believe me...I tried it all!  So, two and a half years ago, I decided to try running.  yup.  running.  got the shoes.  check.  got the clothes.  check.  got the spot to run.  check.  got the hubby to come home and watch the children...no check.

you got it.  while MM was thrilled that i wanted to get in shape, he wasn't so good at coming home in time for me to run.  so two years ago, i decided to join Curves.  My husband asked why.  My answer is simple...if you are paying for it, you're more likely to come home!

So I joined.  It's been two years...and i've lost almost 30 pounds.  In that time, i've gotten pregnant and given birth to a precious 11.5 pound baby girl...all the while losing weight.  Trust me, I have plenty to get rid of! lol.

So for years I've wished I could pull off those cute spring time fashions...you know, the sleeveless little dresses that are so cute...and my arms just were NOT going to agree to that.  After two years, my arms are finally decent enough that I tried on one of those cute lil spring dresses.  So I tried one on, and came out of the dressing room...and MM's face was....amazed.  He said that he loved the way I looked in this dress, and we *had* to buy it!  So we did.  And today, I'm wearing a lovely springtime dress...see?

 If my other computer would let me get to the pictures, i could prolly find an older one. :)  Anyway, I know it might not be thrilling to ya'll, but I feel great!!!


Cynthia said...

Gen, I am so proud of you in your pretty spring dress! You go girl! My weight has gone up and down over the years but I think I may be on a downward slide now. I've lost about 30 since coming off Lyrica. I've still got a lot to go but that unexpected weight loss was my motivation to make sure it kept coming off. I bet we can be encouragement to each other while we fight the weight. :-)

K said...

Feeling good about yourself is waaay more important than what others think. I learned that a bit ago. Congrats on feeling good in the dress! I can't wait to feel good about myself again (I'm 35 weeks pregnant).

Hope you don't mind me "following" you. I just think it's nice to have a support system for losing weight/getting in the best shape of your life. Feel free to follow me :) I don't have anything interesting up yet, but as soon as this baby is out, I'll be blogging up a storm about my journey to skinny.

Have a great day!!

Janet said...

you know i'm proud of you! keep it up.

Amy said...

Looking good mama! So proud of you.

I am blessed! said...

Congrats Gen! Keep up the good work. Lifestyle change really is the only answer and the fact that you've lost 30 lbs over a 2 year period instead of 4 or 5 months makes it much more likely that you'll keep it off and keep losing more. As for the running solution, there's always 5:30 am, unless of course your husband leaves for work that early. I'm blessed that my husband likes to sleep in so I can exercise in the early mornings before I get the kids up for school.